Brazilian Agribusiness Sustainable Solutions

Graduated in Data Processing Technology, Ourinhos (2002). Doctor in Biomedical Engineering, UMC (2017), with the development of a game for elderly suffering from Alzheimer.  Currently Professor and Director at Fatec Mogi das Cruzes. He is also a Professor at ETEC, Poá. He was a Professor in the Post-Graduation course Public Management, UMC, Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes. He has also lectured trainings of technologies for elderly public at UNAI –UBC.Bruno Marques Panccioni, PhD
Graduated from the University of São Paulo (1993), with bachelor’s degree (1994), master’s degree (2001) and doctorate in Letters (2006) from the same institution. He was an assistent professor at the University of Mogi das Cruzes (2001-2007). He currently teaches the disciplines Portuguese, Communication and Expression, Business Communication and Scientific Methodology of the Faculdade de Tecnologia de Mogi das Cruzes. He has experience in the Languages area, with emphasis on advertising writing, working mainly on topics related to strategic management, integrated organizational communication, marketing and innovation. He is coordinator of the Superior Course of Technology in Agribusiness since February 2019, and member of the Mogiano Council of Environment and Sustainable Development.Elias Ribeiro de Castro, PhD
Studied and worked with Permaculture and Development of self-sustaining systems in Austrália and Brazil with Robyn Francis, Bill Mollinson (1998), Marsha Hanzi and Ernest Gotsch. Graduated at Agronomy from the University of Taubate (2003) and master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of São Paulo (2008). She has experience in the areas of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics, Agroecology, Sustainable Development, Landscaping, Tourism, Organic Agriculture,Logistic, Import, internalization and development of bioproduct Market. Acting as a teacher in the disciplines of Agroecology, Organic Farming, Environmental Management, Logistics, Infrastructure Agribusiness, Agroindustrial Production, Methodology, Tourism and Agritourism in Mogi das Cruzes Fatecs, Itaquaquecetuba and Jacarei. Researcher Paula Souza Center developed the Network of Public Education Suzano and Mogi das Cruzes the Garden Project in Schools, and develops research project with the Board of the Water Circuit of Tourism for the development of Agritourism in the sector. Responsible for Technical Brazilis Mushrooms Production certified organic, has partnered with Korin distributor of Organic and Natural Products, which developed the Fungicultura segment in it. Acting on the following topics: Cultivation and mushroom mycelium production; Composting, Microbial Control, Sustainability, Sustainable Tourism, Agritourism, Organic and Natural Agriculture, Permaculture, Agroforestry, use of renewable energiesFernanda Silveira Bueno, MEd
Doctor of Engineering – Polytechnic School / USP (2008) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – IME / USP (1979). 40 years working in the ITC area (Comp. Graphics, CAD/CAM, Multimedia, Internet, SW Quality and Processes – CMMI, ISO9000, ISO12207 – Project Management, Teams). Professor: Fatec-MC and Fatec SEBRAE
Main Areas of Interest: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Intellectual Property, Technological Prospecting (Search/Patent Analysis), Software Engineering, Agroinformatics, Traceability and Agroindustrial System (SAG) Modeling.
Gilberto Cunha, PhD
Degree in Translating and Interpreting (Unibero), Languages (Unibero) and Pedagogy (UBC). She has a Master in English Studies (Corpus linguistics) from the University of São Paulo. Currently she is an English Professor at Fatec Mogi das Cruzes. Main interests: Corpus linguistics, Terminology, Learning process and methods.Josimeire Cristina Martins, MEd
Degree in Education, Translating and Interpreting, Unibero (1996) , Master in Applied Linguistics and Studies of Language, PUC –SP (2002). Currently she´s an English Professor at FATEC Zona Leste. She has experience in Linguistics with emphasis in Sociolinguistics, main studied themes: translation, oral production, teaching and learning process, education of young people and adults and Telecurso 2000. She is also graduated in Yoga – IEPY, Instituto de Pesquisas e Ensino em Yoga (2010), Training in practices of attention and meditation, Palas Athena Association, SP (2018).Karla Maria S. Andrade Costa, MEd


Degree in Agronomic Engineer from Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (2004). He worked as a production manager in Farming Industry Paineiras (Cunha/ SP) and since 2008 he is in Alto Tietê region as a Rural Extensionist of CAT in the Secretary of Agriculture and Supply in São Paulo state. From 2015 he started as a Technical Director in the Office of Rural Developmentin Mogi das Cruzes from CDRS (CATI) in the Secretary of Agriculture and Supply in São Paulo state. Member of the Technical Comittee of Organic and Agroecology since 2019. Currently he is the Secretary of Agriculture in Mogi das Cruzes and he is also a rural producer.Felipe Monteiro Almeida – Agronomic Engineer
Post-Doctorate student at Administration and Economy of Fundação Getúlio Vargas – (EAESP/FGV) in the Operations and Sustainability Management Department (GOS). Experience in Business management of Agricultural sector with emphasis in the development of special Agri-food systems based on sustainability, multifunctionalility in agriculture, natural agriculture, biological agriculture and from agroecologic basis. Manager of Agribusiness projects approaching the building of value chains, special systems of agricultural production.Luiz Carlos Demattê Filho – Korin Agriculture and Environment LTDA’s CEO
Degree in Food Engineering from UNIFEB de Barretos – SP. He has specializations in Social Responsibility and the third sector by the Foundation Institute of Administration, MBA in International Commerce – FEA/USP and master’s degree in Business Administration Strategy, Science and Management from the Institute of Administration and Economics of the Pierre Mendes University in Grenoble – France, among several other courses and specializations at national and international level.
He has been in the vegetable oil sector for more than 30 years, having served for 23 years as Executive Director of Agropalma and in 2019 assumed the position of chairman of the board of directors of ABAG and is also co-facilitator of the Brazil Climate, Forests and Agriculture Coalition.
Marcello Brito – Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABAG – Brazilian Agribusiness Association