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Brazilian Culture & Language

What you’ll learn

The short-term Brazilian Culture & Language course allows international students to spend a week in São Paulo, Brazil. This language program offers you an excellent opportunity to learn Portuguese and at the same time have a great and unforgettable experience in São Paulo.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of a multicultural environment, as you will have different classmates and teachers during your stay. Furthermore, the variety of accents and conversation topics will help you improve your listening comprehension and speaking skills.

Take a look at our program below and see what you can achieve during your Brazilian Culture & Language Course with us!

To subscribe and further information send an e-mail for: ari@cps.sp.gov.br


Beatriz Galhardo Oliva Sanches

Master’s degree in Vocational Educational (Centro Paula Souza). Bachelor’s degree in Languages (Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo).

Teaching English/Portuguese at Centro Paula Souza’s since 2011 and joined its International Office (ARInter) staff since last February.

TKT certificate: Teaching Knowledge Test, Cambridge.

Denise Moura

Postgraduate in Linguistics and Degree in Portuguese and English by UNIFIEO. Theory and Practice in TEFL – International House of London, IH, England.

International English for Speakers of Other Languages – Eurocollege Institute of Education, Ireland. Teaching English as a Second Language since 2012.

Eloiza Silva Guimarães Lira 

Postgraduate in broad sense in Teaching of English by UNESP and Major in Portuguese and English by UNIBAN.

Teaching English as a Second Language since 2009. Experience of about 6 years in the administrative and financial area. Mobility Coordinator at ARInter CPS.

Leandro Barbosa de Souza

Degree in Education: Portuguese and English teaching – Universidade São Judas Tadeu. Teaching English as a Foreign Language – University of San Diego, USA. English as a Foreign Language – Kaplan, Chicago, USA. TKT certificate: Teaching Knowledge Test, Cambridge. English Teaching Development – Pearson. Further Degree in English Teaching (in progress)

English teacher for teenagers and adults at private and public schools since 2003

Cleusa Malta

Cleusa Malta gets a graduation in Letters (Portuguese / English) and Law, fluent in the English language with certification by Cambridge University and advanced level in the Spanish language; postgraduate in General Administration. Experience as an English teacher in language schools, as well as in private and public schools. Committed, organized, dedicated to the good performance of all delegated activities. Excellent oral and written communication skills, experienced with administrative and operational routines; in logistics and, in reception, human resources and organization of events and / or training; as well as in the organization of trips. Able to work as a team or to lead teams.

Renato da Silva Dezembro

Graduated in Capoeira by Grupo de Capoeira Ginga Evolução de Suzano. Teaching Capoeira since 2016 in the social Project Gingando para Evolução em Suzano. Referee of the São Paulo Federation of Capoeira.

Capoeira Team Athlete and student of the Physical Education Course at UniSant’Anna.

Apolyana Tenório

Bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy by Hotec and specialization in Brazilian Cuisine. Postgraduate in Education, Teaching in Higher Education and Neuropsychology. Currently works as teacher at ETEC Sta. Ifigênia and ETEC Carlos de Campos.

Mirian Garrido

Master’s and PhD degrees in History by Universidade Estadual Paulista and Bachelor’s degree in History by Universidade de Taubaté. Currently researcher and post doctoral in progress by Universidade Federal de São Paulo. Also works as coordinator at São Paulo African History Research Group.

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