CPS in robotics championship

Students from the Technical Schools (Etecs) Salles Gomes, from Tatuí, and Armando Pannunzio, from Sorocaba, participated in the 11th Nadav Shoham Robotraffic Competitions, an international robotics competition for high school students, promoted by the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion). The Brazilian group had the support of the Centro Universitário Facens and achieved good ratings. The event was held remotely, with live streaming to the judges in Israel.

Students Fabrício Ribeiro, Guilherme Meira, Thiago Oliveira and Yasmin Battaglini were invited to participate in the challenge by teachers of the Educational Robotics course, a Facens project that offers weekly robotics classes to students from public schools in Sorocaba region.

Centro Paula Souza (CPS) team participated in three of the five championship categories, in addition to a bonus award, for excellence in studies. The young students won the 14th place in Careful Driving and Racing, the 9th place in Traffic Safety Initiatives and also celebrated the 5th place in the Prize for Excellence in Robotics Studies. About 50 teams from various countries competed, such as Russia, China, Argentina, Mexico, USA and Ukraine.To participate, students applied the knowledge they acquired in robotics classes and developed two projects. One is an autonomous car, programmed to follow a route defined by lines and to interpret traffic signs. The other would have to be a solution to reduce traffic accidents and, accordingly, the group presented two devices that, related to technology, would be able to make it impossible to conduct a vehicle in situations such as intoxication and red light advance by the driver.