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Etecs stand out in scientific competitions

In 2020, students from the Technical Schools (Etecs) were in several national and international competitions and knowledge Olympics, with very positive results. They participated in championships in various areas and won more than 100 awards. In 2019, there were 170 awards.The challenges faced by these young people were also diverse: from building a drone to creating an application to support the prevention of Covid-19, including testing the knowledge about astronomy, computing, history, geography, mathematics, entrepreneurship and the environment, among others. Participating in these contests is a tradition in Centro Paula Souza.In 2003, the year of the launching of one of the most renowned educational scientific events, the Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair (Feira Brasileira de Ciências e Engenharia – Febrace), promoted by the University of São Paulo (USP), Etec Prof. Basilides de Godoy, from the Capital, won the award in the Technology category; and two other schools reached the finals. Since then, Etecs have been getting projects selected for the event and have been winning trophies every year. In 2021, 19 projects from 14 schools will be in the competition.
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