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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the International Office (ARInter) of Centro Paula Souza? What does this office do? ARInter is responsible for coordinating the internationalization projects of Centro Paula Souza. The International Office is composed of 6 areas: Academic Mobility / Exchange Programs; International Technical Training; Cultural and Scientific Events; Communication; Language Policy; and Administrative Area, which offers administrative support to all proposed actions.

2. How do I know if I can participate in an exchange program through ARInter? The programs coordinated by ARInter are disclosed in public notices. Each public notice will contain the specific requirements to apply for the program.

3. Where are these notices published? ARInter’s notices are published in the following website: Applications

4. With which international institutions does the International Office of Centro Paula Souza have partnerships? The institutions with which ARInter has agreements are disclosed in the website Agreements

5. Which costs do the exchange programs coordinated by ARInter cover? It all depends on the program. Each program coordinated by ARInter has its own characteristics. The best way to understand the requirements and costs covered by a program is to read its public notice.

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