Start up Experience in Brazil

Programas para Alunos Internacionais

Centro Paula Souza offers a short-term course called Start up Experience in Brazil. The program is designed for students from different countries who are interested in entrepreneurship and world affairs, and who want to broaden their insight and understanding of these in preparation for an active career ensuring social and cultural experiences. You can find full program table in attachment, and it includes, besides the course, visits/interactions with Brazilian companies or organizations, lunch and a participation certificate.

Being the First Public Institution Focused in Entrepreneurship in Brazil, Fatec SEBRAE is providing excellent professionals for Startup Experience in Brazil. Job market consultants, 3 Master Degree Professors and 3 Doctor Degree Professors of business management and entrepreneurship who are also outstanding presenters will share their knowledge and insights on current global challenges as well as in Brazil emerging business fields, and take part in subsequent debates, pitching sessions and workshops with 30 foreign students. The classes will be offered in English.


For more information:

Click here to see more about São Paulo and the Start up Experience course. The video was made by one student who attended the classes in 2018.

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