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Academic Disciplines

Academic Disciplines

The courses in the virtual modality of the Centro Paula Souza were developed for students from Fatecs and Foreign Institutions Partners of CEETEPS, who are interested in developing their studies in disciplines developed by high-level professors. It should be noted that this opportunity, developed by the International Relations Office – ARInter, is a way to boost personal growth, practice a foreign language, promoting the internationalization of the student’s curriculum.
All courses will be taught synchronously

Expected start from 03/13/2023

Marketing Tools

a) Learn about the strategic and tactical-operational aspects of Marketing.
b) Get an instrumental base for the process of market analysis and understanding of the Marketing environment.
c) Distinguish among the main functions of the Marketing management process: planning, organization, coordination, and control.

Society and Technology

a) Get an introductory overview of the relationships between technology and society.
b) Learn through classic and modern theories as well as with local and global case studies.
c) Discuss with peers and instructor in a fruitful way so as to drive critical thinking about the role of technology on people’s lives.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

a) Understand and be able to apply varied organizational behaviour principles and tactics to prevent individual and group problems from emerging and, once such are identified, intervene to have them fixed accordingly.
b) Develop greater confidence and skills to be familiar with and learn how to make use of different leadership styles to engage, influence and guide others.
c) Pull together a plan to improve their personal behaviour and competences to be able to manage their own career path.


The selection process for international students is open until March, 1st 2023

Check with your Faculty/University International Relations Office or contact: